Natural Beauty

Class: “Natural Beauty for Low costs for ALL”
Duration 1,5 hour
Minimum: 4 people
Price: 55 euro/person
(including take-away beauty products)
Dates: from April 15 till October 15 each year
Time: from 12.30 till 14.00
AGE RANGE: 14+ years old
We welcome ALL: man and woman, boys and girls.
Language: English, Hungarian, Russian, Dutch, German

The program is available only for guests, who booked the room in Farmotel Stefania

We shall show you
We shall show you

Description: I LOVE myself and want to look good.  Always.  With guests and friends, at work and holidays, even when I sleep … This is a passion to preserve what I got from my birth: fresh and tight skin, young neck, shining hair and, as Russians say: “blood with milk complexion”. 

From my Siberian born Russian grandmother I got my first lessons. She was a ballerina and taught me how to use natural products to preserve a natural beauty. I was 16 when I started and since then I am experimenting on my body.  I want to share my knowledge with everyone who wants to look at 60 like 40, or may be 30? Or two times better than thirty years old.

Here we shall learn the mystery of staying naturally young and beautiful. A centuries old desire for rich and poor, man and woman. I shall show the technics for keeping neck and hands young, shining eyes, full lips and face without wrinkles. We shall make together creams, shampoo, lotions, balms, oils, scrubs, masks and much more from my recipes collection. We shall make beauty products from natural ingredients, unlike those which are with chemicals in the shops.

And on the top of it we shall discuss why man’s skin is longer young than woman’s and why it is important for man and woman stay young and beautiful.  Guests will take away beauty products which we made. 

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